Flühs Glide (FDL)

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The right kind of ceramic makes the difference

In all our ceramic valves there are two high-quality ceramic disks. The brown control disk slides on top of the white inlet disk with a particular precision. Both white as well as brown ceramic disks have been developed by Flühs R & D department taking all tribological parameters into consideration.

This results in a smooth and easy handling which makes it possible that lubricant does not need to be applied in between the disks. The problem of conventional ceramic pairings comes about as an uncomfortable and rough handling can occur after a brief period of time.

Constant turning torque

Flühs Glide in connection with exclusive, hydrostatic sealing elements and high-precision components result in a consistent and comfortable feel of the final products.

Smooth operation

The conveniently easy operation of all Flühs valves is created by the unique Flühs Glide.

Lasting performance

The especially resilient ceramic disks of Flühs Glide in connection with their respective valve layout, make the requested durability possible.

Water meets quality

Only Flühs ceramic valves offer the requested FLÜHS GLIDEFDL experience. The smooth and easy operation of the products let you experience the extraordinary quality standard of Flühs Drehtechnik.



Nationally and internationally, our experienced team of sales personnel ensures that our customers always receive the right technical and commercial advice and information.

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